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2018- 2019 ADVISOR 


I'm Mr Ortega, the club adviser for Ridge Productions. I teach photography and media arts at RHS.  For the past 8 years it's been my pleasure to run this successful after school program.  The students involved work to create meaningful collaborative projects that always brings us closer as a community.


2018-2019 President 


I'm Bella, a current senior at Ridge High School and the standing president of Ridge Productions! I love my dog, funky sweaters, and photography. With photography, I focus particularly on portraiture and capturing liminal spaces.


2018- 2019 Vice President 


I have been making films since I was grabbing the the home video camera from my mom at the age of three. Since then, I have been working to improve my filmmaking abilities by attending NJ Film School for seven years, making short films on my own, and writing on my filmmaking blog,


2018-2019 Treasurer 


Hi! I'm Abbey, a senior at Ridge High School and the current treasurer for Ridge Productions. I started photography at a young age when my grandad taught me how to use his vintage analog cameras and I fell in love with the art of it all. To this day, I am still an avid photographer and I enjoy creating surreal images but also capturing the beauty of everyday life.


2018-2019 Public Relations Direcor


Mary is an AP art student who has been taking photography courses for the past four years.


2018-2019 Graphic Designer 



2018- 2019 Website Designer


I'm Caroline, a Junior at Ridge High School with a passion for graphic design. I would love to have a conversation with you about your favorite fonts, or the latest episode of Greys Anatomy!



Hi I’m Valerie and I'm the current Vice President. I am a senior at Ridge High school and former photography student.  I mostly focus on urban and nature photography but I also do self-portrait work.  Ridge Productions has been a huge part of my life since freshman year and I am really excited to get the chance to help lead the club and do great things with my leadership.


2018-2019 Sports Photographer


I am the sports photographer for Ridge Pro and I am responsible for taking photos of different teams and activities around the school. As someone who plays sports and whose life is centered around it, this is a perfect fit.

2018-2019 OFFICERS

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