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What do we do?

When do we meet?

Who should join? 

Students work together to create digital media for the Basking Ridge community (and sometimes eat popcorn). Our projects cover everything form graphic design, to photography, and even videography. 

Anyone looking to learn about media arts (photography, graphic design, and video) and visual communications in a collaborative and supportive environment is more than welcome to come!

Ridge Pro meets Fridays after school in room 615 from 2:30-3:30. 

Why join?

Find a community of creators 

Share your creative and academic work as well as build upon the work of others. creative and academic work, as well as to access and build upon the work of others. By helping each other empower the creative voice, RP amplifies your story.

Learn transferable skills

Not only do students learn how to operate equipment and edit videos but students develop a mastery of the creative process and collaborative skills. By working with members of the Basking Ridge community, students gauge an understanding of what it means to be a creative professional. 

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